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Hearing testing in Palatine, Illinois

Our practices provides comprehensive hearing testing to those in the Palatine and surrounding areas. Testing is performed by our experienced Audiologists. Testing in non-invasive and painless and usually takes about 90 minutes to complete.

What to expect during a hearing test

1) Consultation

During your initial consultation, your provider will ask you a variety of questions related to your current hearing challenges as well as your medical history. You’ll have the opportunity to talk about what has inspired you to schedule a hearing test, and any communication challenges in your personal or professional life.

2) Pure Tone & Speech Recognition Testing

Hearing testing typically involves two types of testing, pure tone and speech recognition testing. Pure tone testing involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your hearing abilities at different frequencies. The specialist will place you inside a comfortable sound booth, and instruct your to indicate when you hear a tone in one or both of your ears. They will play tones of varying frequencies and volumes. This information is analyzed to understand the degree of hearing loss at specific frequencies.

Speech recognition testing evaluates your ability to hear and process speech sounds into intelligible words. To communicate effectively, we must be able to both hear the sound and translate it into understandable language. For those with sustained untreated hearing loss, their speech recognition abilities can diminish over time. This part of testing gives your provider a well rounded understanding of where your hearing and understanding abilities are at this moment in time. The combined results allow your hearing professional to recommend the best treatment plan for your unique situation.

3) Review your test results

The results of your testing will be displayed on what’s called an Audiogram. An Audiogram is a visual representation of your hearing abilities as it relates to frequency and volume. Your audiologist will explain your Audiogram, pointing out any specific frequencies where you have a loss.

4) Discuss treatment options (if applicable)

If your testing indicates that you would benefit from improved hearing, your hearing professional will offer recommendations for your consideration. There are a wide variety of hearing aid models and technology levels, suited for most degrees of hearing loss. Your hearing professional will take into account your lifestyle, degree of hearing loss and budget requirements when making a recommendation. We work with all of the leading hearing aid manufacturers and are therefore able to offer our patients a truly unbiased recommendation.
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