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Custom Hearing Protection

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is preventable with the use of custom hearing protection. When individuals are exposed to harmful noise that is either too loud and/or lasts a long time, sensitive structures in our inner ear can be permanently damaged. Many people would benefit from custom hearing protection including musicians, swimmers, hunters, and individuals with occupations that involve loud noise. At Hearing Care of Palatine, we provide individuals with a wide range of options – working with the leading custom hearing protection manufacturers.

Custom Earmolds for First Responders

Exposure to workplace noise has been linked to stress, high blood pressure, headaches, and tinnitus. Our custom hearing protection for first responders safeguards your ears on the job comfortably, discreetly, and without sacrificing speech intelligibility.

Custom Earmolds for musicians & music listening

Now you can protect your hearing while enjoying music as a spectator or as a musician in a band. Custom hearing protection for musicians and music lovers allows you to enjoy all the highs and lows, bass and treble associated with making and listening to all kinds of music by using a special filter that lets you hear the music while protecting your hearing. Enjoy rock concerts, heavy metal music, and sports events at a reduced level without losing sound quality.

Custom Swimmer's Earplugs

With custom swimmer’s earplugs, you can protect sensitive ears from water. Custom ear protection for swimmers provides a tight, custom fit to protect sensitive ears from irritation or infection caused by water in the ears. It is perfect for ears of any age, from young children who have ear tubes to adults who need ear protection for swimming, boating, diving, or simply taking a shower.

Shooters Earplugs | Custom Earplugs for Hunters

A simple gunshot registers at 140 decibels (dB), which is significant enough to cause permanent hearing loss. Custom hearing protection for hunting and high-decibel noise is specifically designed for these transient types of sounds. They are custom-made to fit your ears, offering maximum protection from loud, harmful sounds and the sudden “impulse noise” coming from a gun.
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