How to make hearing aid batteries last longer (non-rechargeable)

how to help hearing aid batteries last longer

How to help hearing aid batteries last longer 1. Let the battery sit for 5 minutes before placing in the hearing aid Once you take the tab off the hearing aid you should let the battery sit for 4-5 minutes before placing it in the hearing aid and closing the battery door. This will allow […]

How to read an Audiogram

How to read an Audiogram An audiogram is a graphical representation of hearing that Audiologist and other health care providers use to assess the degree of hearing loss a patient has.  How to read the results of a hearing test From left to right you are looking at low frequencies to high frequencies (Hz). This […]

Tips for talking on the phone

Tips for Talking on the phone with hearing aids Here at Hearing Care of Palatine we want to keep YOU connected to your friends and family! If you have hearing aids and are struggling with hearing on the phone, here are some tips! Tips for Talking on the Phone with Hearing Aids Here at Hearing […]

Hearing Loss & Dementia

Hearing Loss & Dementia Brain research has shown that the risk of dementia increases significantly with greater hearing decline if left untreated. Statistics show that an individual with untreated mild hearing loss is twice as likely to develop dementia, but the numbers jump for those with untreated severe hearing loss to five times as likely […]

There’s an elephant in the room; it’s your hearing loss.

The Stigma around Hearing Loss As reported by the Better Hearing Institute, in 2019 there are at least 48,000,000 Americans with a reported hearing loss. Of those 48 million people, more than 30 MILLION Americans are under the age of 65. Let’s ditch the stigma around hearing loss. There’s an Elephant in the Room and […]