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Looking for an audiologist in Palatine that has been personally vetted by Dr. Cliff and verified to use best practices in Audiology? You’ve come to the right place. Our audiologist Dr. Taylor Bender is proud to be a Dr. Cliff Approved provider. Her commitment to following Best Practices for every patient has earned her this important recognition from Dr. Cliff Olson. 

Dr. Taylor Bender | Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Taylor Bender received her Doctorate in Audiology at Northern Illinois University and earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and Disorders at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Taylor’s passion for audiology began when she witnessed two of her own family members struggle with the effect of untreated hearing loss. After treatment with hearing aids, their quality of life increased and they were able to participate in family conversations again. This is when Taylor knew she wanted to provide the same experience for other individuals and their families.

Dr. Bender believes in providing patient-centered care that involves evidence based best practices including comprehensive hearing evaluations, speech-in-noise testing, real-ear measurements, etc. Her goal is to make sure everyone feels welcomed, informed, and if needed given amplification that fits their needs. All patient’s hearing issues are unique and require specialized care, therefore Taylor listens to her patients’ needs and dedicates her full time and attention to each patient to create a thorough tailored hearing treatment plan. It is not only about what hearing aids can do for a patient, but also what the provider can do to make sure the best service is given.

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